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Management Consulting

Our Recruiting Management Consultants can help with any & every aspect of your recruiting company, office or department.  Led by a former Director, we know the inside tricks of the trade that can set you apart and drive the talent you need.  

Each MastersRecruiting Consultant has over ten years experience in high-level recruiting and management and fully understands your business and what you need to accomplish.  


   Consulting Services Provided          


Brand Improvement & Awareness - Perhaps the single most important aspect of successful recruiting in a Gen X/Gen Y-driven market - where the talent you need most is highly brand-conscious and loyal to those brands.  Does your firm leave a positive and lasting impression... or just goes in one eye and out the other with a click?  Let us help you be remembered like the 'Golden Arches'.  


Recruiting & Media Strategies - Few companies have a formal strategy, let alone a media strategy... or even a media presence; they react with a job posting and hope for the best.   The most successful companies know media works and use it to take business and talent away from you.  We can make you a big fish! 


Metrics & Analytics - Gone are the days of operating by the 'seat of your pants'.  When maximizing your Return On Investment(s), you MUST know how every dollar and every action is performing and continually adjust, modify and evolve your strategies. From media & job boards & job postings to your web site traffic behaviors; from the number of candidates in your recruiters pipelines to the time to submit a candidate... and the all important ratio of candidates submitted to get a client/manager interview... and then an offer and ultimately a hire, knowing what you're getting from what your spending and doing is the primary key to a GREAT recruiting operation.   


Job Board Selection & Contract Negotiations - Monster Careerbuilder, DICE, The Ladders, Craigslist, Vertical Job Sites, 'Free' Sites, etc. - Having associates that spent several years with offers you a unique insiders knowledge you just can't get anywhere else.  We will help you decide which services are best for your hiring needs and then will handle the pricing & terms portion to get you more for less money than you can on your own.  Or you can stay happy with your 30-40% discount and average performance. 


Recruitment Advertising - It's a war for talent out there... but most firms don't know how to win... or even write a job posting that works in today's market.  Then there's tracking to see where your dollars are returning the greatest ROI.  We can help you reach and attract the talent you need... while keeping them away from your competitors. But we take it many steps further and apply analytics and reporting to see your returns.  Then there is the choice of way too many advertising options.  To use an third party firm or not?  'Free' sites may not cost you a dollar but they are NOT FREE and are actually costing you a small fortune!  It's not rocket science; just structured strategy and knowing the how and why's.  


Internet Usage - For recruiting candidates?  For posting of jobs?  For mining of resumes?  For business development?   There are more sites than ever to consider.  Have you seen your candidate pool increase but quality decline?  Phone time down in your office while online time is up?  More submittals but fewer client interviews?  More offers turned down?  Chances are you've got some internet usage issues that are costing you business and dollars.   Is your web site maximizing your return or turning people away?  We will get you maximizing this ultimate and mandatory recruiting tool. 


Social & Professional Networking - With the emergence and popularity of Social Networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter and Professional Networking sites such as LinkedIn, these mediums can not - and should not - be overlooked.  But how do you reach and capture the audience you need from their members?  Just having a presence simply does not work. (Have you checked how followers you have, or don't have?)  Let us help you stand out and build a fan base that actually results in candidates and hires.     


Personnel Evaluation - Do you have the right people in the right roles?  Are your recruiters or staff personnel producing at their peak levels?  We can evaluate individuals in a non-threatening manner so as not to disrupt your business or affect the morale of your staff and will make recommendations that will help everyone become better at their jobs, more secure in their career and improve their incomes!  Or we can 'clean house' if that's what you need.    


Hiring Recruiters & Sales Reps. - There is a definite pattern to the traits of the absolute best recruiters and sales representatives... and these will differ from business plan to industry to specialty.  We can show you what to look for and how to find & hire the ones that fit the mold for your recruiting needs and that will be your superstars of tomorrow. Here's a hint:  Don't hire someone because they can bring an existing client base or have experience in the exact space you're playing in; Hire someone that can do the job you need done!  A good recruiter or account manager can learn your specifics more quickly than you think... and develop new opportunity pools forever on.  


Team & Relationship Building - Recruiting is often a battle between sales/marketing reps and recruiters resulting in finger pointing, blame and personal & interoffice tensions that lead to counter-productivity.  Can't get your staff to play nicely together?  We can...and it will increase everyone's pocketbook... while making for much happier hours.  


Cost Control - Cost-benefit and cost-per-hire analysis is far too often overlooked in recruiting.  Do you know how much time and/or money you are spending to get every hire?  To get a candidate?  To find a job order?  Can you improve your results from advertising and job boards without increasing - or perhaps even decrease your costs. What if you could effectively have another recruiter or sales rep without any additional cost?  


P&L/Margin Improvement - A dollar here and a percentage there doesn't sound like much, but it can mean the difference between staying in business and closing your doors, especially in today's economy.  We tap into CPA and Senior Finance specialists as needed to examine and pinpoint areas where you're losing profits. 


Time Utilization - There are distinct times of the business day that are best suited to the specific tasks of a recruiter.  Certain times for interviewing and for phone usage will produce a higher percentage of result, guaranteed!  There are better times to search resumes and to post jobs than others.  Are your recruiters surfing the net during prime calling time?  What does your staff typically do during the first and last 15 minutes of the day?  You can't manage time but you can manage activities during the time we all have available.  It's like another 2 placements a year per recruiter.  


Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)/Database Selection & Customization - Oh you've hit a bone here.  There are so very many recruiting database systems out there - and all of them will tell you how good THEIRs is.  Problem is that the vast majority are simply not very good and will actually cost you so very much more than just the purchase price.  Find one that will pay for itself over and over in time and that will suit your business model.  Food for thought - How long does a system take to access a record?  Are job posting replys auto-populated into your ATS?  Is the ATS compatible with search engines & job boards?  How long to select a multi-layered search?  How many screens do you need to go through to see the information you need? What are the reporting capabilities and can reports be customized? How about job orders and posting them to a web site(s)  or job board(s)?  Does the system make you duplicate effort?  What is involved to load a resume received?  Does it auto enter the resume contents in the fields or are you having to manually add certain information?  There are only about a hundred more areas that need to be considered.  The direct cost is never the only consideration as the cheapest system will likely cost you much more than investing in the Rolls Royce!


Deficiency & Operational Analysis - Find the areas of your business where some simple changes can mean a HUGE increase in your numbers... and your Profits!  


Process & Methodology - Does everyone in your company or department know exactly what to do in any given circumstance to maximize the desired result in the fastest time with the least effort and according to company standards?  Can you cookie-cut your system to a new recruiter or a new location with assured results every time? 


Ratio Improvement - Recruiting is a numbers game and that's all there is to it.  The numbers tell a tale of true success, being average or outright failure.  Most firms operate on an average 8:1 ratio (2.5:1 is considered ideal).   We can help you increase your ratios of  Phone Calls-to-Candidates, Candidates-to-Submittals, Submittals-to-Interviews, Interviews-to-Offers and Offers-to-Hires/Placements.   How much more would your business be making if you had a 2.5 ratio?  In other words... How much more would you be making if you had 3 times the hires with the same number of submittals?   


Proactive Recruiting Realization - Do you ever wonder why it takes you days to submit a candidate for a new job order from an existing client... and why you lose the deal?  Check your recruiters pipelines; how many candidates do they have at any given time that are pre-screened and interested in something new? 10?  20?   Now how many job orders/requisitions do you have at any given time.  About the same?  Even More?  That's likely your problem.  We can show you a system that will keep 100+ candidates in every recruiters pipelines at any given time.  Imagine what your clients will begin to think of you when you start responding with a qualified candidate within 24 hours.  Oh and the response from those VMS/Managed Services clients you have.   


Market Share - If you don't feel your business is getting it's fair share of the market, you're not alone and you're probably right.  But to get a larger slice of the pie, you have to know how to identify, penetrate, develop and service your market better than the others.  Your competition is actually your best friend here.  We will get you where you want to be faster than you may think.  Freebies: Do you know how to discover who your competitors clients are and snag the hire from underneath their nose.  We do. 


Time-Motion Studies - If every recruiter in your office could save just 10 minutes every day by making some very simple changes in the way something is done or to a system they use, how much more recruiting time would be available over a year?  How many hires might that extra time produce.  It is often like having another recruiter without having to pay another salary. 



General Business Analysis Services 

If you feel your recruiting business has a problem, or know it does but you just can't put a finger on it, MastersRecruiting will perform anything from a simple review to a full operational analysis and will provide you with a written confidential report with it's findings and recommendations.  From there, it's up to you to decide if you want us to help you take your business to the next level. 

A MastersRecruiting Management Consultant will perform extensive initial interviews with owners and/or management to fully understand the business objective and to learn of perceived problems or areas of weakness.  From there, we will develop an 'Action-Plan' complete with an 'Evaluation Workbook'  to guide the Consultant systematically through each and every area of needed analysis. 

Our Management Consultant will then perform a thorough on-site analysis to fully document and understand how your current business and personnel operate.   

We will then develop a full and detailed, professional quality Management Report. 

The detail and content of this report is determined by the need, but typically includes: 


An overview of your business, it's market and area(s) of specialty


Acquired via personal interviews of executive & key personnel

  • Management Objectives

  • Factual Data

  • Initial Management Concerns & Observations

  • Personnel, Systems, Resources, Procedures, Forms, Tools, etc.


As determined by on-site interviews, observation & evaluation

  • Office in General

  • Work Schedules

  • Market

  • Clients

  • Computers/Technology (Systems, Phones, FAX, Email, Scanner, etc.)

  • Internet Tools (Job Boards, Media, Postings, Web Site, etc.) 

  • Promotional Items & Activities

  • Processes & Procedures

  • Forms

  • Business Affiliations, User Groups, etc.

  • Management Reports

  • Meetings

  • Training

  • Fees, Guarantees, Business Policies

  • General Observations (activity, phones, noise, etc.)

  • Personnel

  • Others information as needed or observed


Based upon the observations, we will perform an extensive analysis and will make recommendations accordingly - with supporting information - on each area that requires attention, with each item prioritized accordingly. 


Summarizes the entire analysis & recommendation process.


Initial consultation via phone is offered at no cost.  At this stage we gather information about your business, objectives and concerns.  We then thoroughly discuss each point identified to determine the most critical areas of quick, positive and long-term impact to your business.  From here, we at MastersRecruiting create a proposed 'Action Plan' and 'Solutions Road Map' to accomplish the objectives identified.  With this proposal, we will include a 'Project Estimate' including a 'Project Timeline' to completion.  When accepted, a small retainer fee is billed and your project is scheduled.  Billing over the project term is then based on either an hourly rate with an estimated timeline or agreed flat rate with a maximum timeframe. Any necessary travel and/or other expenses are billed at actual cost with vehicle mileage at the 2013 standard rates for mileage per diem when applicable.  Upon project completion, ongoing and as-needed services are then also available to maintain the solutions implemented at their maximum performing levels or to provide additional services as desired or deemed necessary and agreed upon.   

Every business is different and as such the amount of time and effort required varies from business to business and project to project.  Success is highly dependent on your motivations and willingness to address and accept changes in your business.  

Management Consulting services for staffing & recruiting are an investment in the solidity and future of your business but are likely far less than you may think.  The cost of a seasoned - 'been there-done that' - consultant is a drop in the bucket to not just what you are losing every day but to what you will immediately begin to realize and what you will realize on an on-going basis.  As a footnote, many clients can pay for the full realm of their services with just the job board cost savings we negotiate for you.  


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